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The Importance of Proper Posture

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Does your posture really matter?

Science has told us that yes, it does. You can look in any anatomy book taught in any institution across the globe and see that there is a certain alignment in the spine. If you were to look at me from the front and I was staring straight ahead with with my feet under my hips and my arms at my sides, you would see that my spine is straight up and down. That’s common sense. If we see tilts, shifts, or curves in your posture, however, that could indicate that you have underlining misalignments. These can put irritation and pressure on very delicate nerve tissue in your body.


Many research articles correlate poor posture with increased mortality.


Did you know that the spine should not be straight when viewed from the side? From that angle, the spine should follow a natural curve. If you would look at me from the side, you would see that my ear lines up with my shoulder, my shoulder lines up with my hip, and my hip lines up with my feet. That’s proper posture. There are many research articles out there that correlate poor posture with increased mortality.

Posture matters most importantly because it can indicate spinal shifts or spinal misalignments we call subluxation. Subluxation irritates nerve fibers. Your brain is connected to your body through nerves, so if those nerves have pressure on them, messages from your brain may not be getting to certain areas of your body and can result in the faster deterioration of your health.

Take care of keeping good posture, and make sure you see your chiropractor regularly to help you maintain good spinal alignment. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email.

“There is but one cause to all disease…”

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“There is but one cause in disease; the bodies inability to comprehend itself and/or it’s environment.  There is but one cure in disease; the bodies ability to heal itself.  And there is only one thing that any doctor can do for a patient.  And that is to remove an obstruction to healing thus facilitating it.”   –  Dr. Fred Barge