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How’s Your Spinal Hygiene?

By April 27, 2012Blog, Uncategorized

How is your spinal hygiene? Did you know your spinal hygiene is just as important or more important than your outward bodily hygiene? That’s right. Whether you know it or not, all health and healing in your body flows from above-down, inside-out from your brain to every single cell in your body providing life, health, and healing for a lifetime. But if you do not take proper care of your spine those messages of life that are flowing from your brain to your body will be damaged and your body will not function as it should. Since we were young we grew up understanding the importance of dental hygiene. We were taught to brush, floss, and visit a dentist regularly to maintain the health of our teeth. For some reason the idea of spinal hygiene has been completely neglected in our society. We know that the teeth need proper maintenance and upkeep, but we assume the spine just stays in proper working order for a lifetime without any necessary tender-loving-care?

Click the link below and let Dr. Tabor Smith show you how to practice proper spinal hygiene on a daily bases. He will show you some simple tips that you can apply today to start cleaning up and maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system. Remember, you are only as healthy as your spine! Click below to experience Dr. Tabor’s (FREE) spinal hygiene education course:

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Spinal Hygiene Education Course


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