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Chiropractic Saved My Life! – Dr. Tabor’s Story

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Dr. Tabor’s Story – When I was a junior in high school, I began to experience strange pains and numbness in my lower back and legs on my way to school every day. My parents were just like most American parents: whenever one of their children had an ache or pain, they reached for a convenient, over-the-counter pain medicine.

For many months this pain continued and became worse. And like most American parents, my mom and dad took me to the doctor, who prescribed pain medication. It was a logical thought: If the over-the-counter stuff isn’t working, Tabor must need something stronger, right? Has anyone ever thought that we experience pain for a reason, and until that reason is found and corrected, we will continue to live in pain? I guess not. What a crazy idea.

Well, the prescription pain medication wasn’t working either. When the pain and weakness became so bad that I needed help to lift my legs into bed, my parents didn’t know what else to do but to take me to the hospital. After a long night and many different, invasive, and very expensive tests, I was sent home with even stronger pain pills and a referral to a neurosurgeon. I’m not sure if someone told my parents about chiropractic care or if they just thought that sounded better than neurosurgery, but making an appointment with a local chiropractor was their next step.

Thank God that was the next step.

The chiropractor took his own x-rays, led us to a room, and proceeded to show us what he found and exactly what he thought was causing my pain. I began receiving adjustments from him every other morning, before school. My pain was completely gone within three months, and I was a normal 16-year-old once again. You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to go from being disabled to being well, unless you have been where I was. I have never had that pain again and I am in my 30’s now.

That experience proved to me that medicine is not the all powerful, magic bullet it is portrayed to be. In fact, there is no “magic formula”! Have you ever thought that maybe the magic is within your own body? That “magic” was put there by your Creator. God has given us the power in our own bodies and drug-free remedies found in nature to lead us into lives full of wellness. Natural remedies should not be the alternative. Drugs and surgery should be the alternative! Can you believe we choose what man has created over what God has created every day? That doesn’t seem very logical to me. That is why I have made it a priority to get regular chiropractic care for me and my family and to practice proper spinal hygiene on a daily basis – for the rest of my life!

– Tabor Smith

(Here’s an old video I made back when we first opened our office)


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