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Are You Living a Pure Life?

By April 19, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

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Today, we’re going to discuss the foundation principles of living a healthy, pure life.

What is Pure Life, and what do we talk about during the trainings at Pure Life University? Pure Life University will walk you through the 5 foundational principles of health.

The first class is Pure Life. We want pure life flowing through the veins in your body. Your brain coordinates every organ, cell, and tissue. Right now, without thinking about it, your brain is causing your heart to beat at a certain rate. It’s allowing you to breathe without thinking about it. When you slept last night, you didn’t think about breathing. It just happened.

That’s because your brain coordinated with your lungs to keep you going. This has to happen every second of the day, or you would die. The power that the brain and the nervous system have for your health and your healing is so amazing. It’s the same system that if I get a cut on my finger, I don’t have to concentrate to sew that up. I trust that those messages from the intelligence that’s already in my body will heal and mend that for me.

In the next class, you’ll learn about Pure Food. We need to get back to natural food. When you get back to the foods that come from nature versus the processed or man-made food, your body will be able to function well because it will have all the building blocks that nature intended for you to have in order to live. When you’ve had a hard day and your body is broken down from all the stress, your body needs pure food to be able to rebuild and have the energy to make it through tomorrow. I highly recommend getting some pure foods into your system.

After that, you’ll learn all about Pure Fitness. There’s a reason we have to exercise to be healthy. Your organs are designed specifically for different purposes. For example, your heart is made to pump blood through your body. Your lungs allow you to breathe. Your muscles are there so you can move. Do you know how many muscles and ligaments you have in your body? You have over 300 different bones and over 600 different muscles and ligaments. If you have more joints and muscles than anything else in your body, doesn’t it make sense that you have to move in order to be healthy?


The fourth class goes over Pure Energy. Most people in our society think that you need some sort of sugar or caffeine in your system to get energy. I want to share some very easy nutritional and mental protocols to give you more energy. Understanding where your energy comes from in your body helps you have more energy during your day.

Finally, you’ll learn about pure mind. I know you’ve heard of the placebo effect, where people think they are taking medicine to cure something when it’s actually a sugar pill and wind up feeling better. Their mind was so powerful that it manifested healing inside their body. Imagine if we could harness some of that power and use it every day in our life.

I highly recommend joining Pure Life University to learn more from these five classes. If you have any questions, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!


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