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10 Reasons to Start Taking Fish Oil

By October 28, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

You need to make fish oil part of your daily vitamin routine. It’s good for your heart, joints, brain, and more.

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If fish oil isn’t part of your daily supplement routine, it should be. Here are 10 benefits of taking fish oil:

1. Reduce inflammation. Fish oil can help reduce a lot of body inflammation that can lead to a lot of chronic disease processes. Reducing inflammation will help you start feeling better and healing better.

2. Prevent and help in healing cancer. Some studies have shown that fish oil aids therapies like radiation and chemotherapy to work better and have less harm on the body.

3. Help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Fish oil helps your brain function better with improved cognitive thinking. Your brain is made up of omega-3 fats, which fish oil is loaded with.

4. Improve joint pain. Fish oil helps lubricate your joints and omega-3s can really help with those aches and pains.

5. Aid depression. Fish oils can benefit symptoms of depression because of their usefulness to the brain.

There are many benefits of fish oil.

6. A healthy gut.
Fish oil can help smooth out the gut and reduce chronic inflammation.

7. Improve symptoms of ADHD.

8. Thicken hair. For some people like myself, no amount of fish oil in the world will save us. However, fish oil is extremely healthy for your hair.

9. It will give you glowing skin.

10. Heart health. Your heart is a muscle that is working constantly on your behalf. Your heart needs healthy omega-3s to make sure your cholesterol is balanced.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or send us an email. Also feel free to check out our daily wellness packs that include fish oil, a probiotic, and a multivitamin. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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