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“At Pure Life Family Wellness we are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.”Dr. Tabor Smith and Dr. Gina Smith

We understand you want to get out of pain

If you’re searching the internet for a chiropractor, chances are you’re dealing with some of the most common conditions we see; headaches, neck pain, upper or mid back pain, or low back pain. Pain is not normal — it’s a signal that something is wrong and needs your attention.

Once your out of pain – let’s help you stay that way. Once your spine has learned to stay in the wrong position, it’s important to teach your spine the right position. We’ll give you recommendations that will not just provide fast, short-term relief, but is specifically designed to keep the problem from coming back.

And then – let’s work on improving your health! Most of our patients don’t just come to us when they’re in pain. They want to avoid having the same problems over and over again. We want to help you get lasting results and then help you get even healthier!

We Get Results

We only accept patients for treatment in our office if we honestly believe we can help them. We only continue to treat those patients if we are getting them better. If we don’t think this is the right office for you, we’ll let you know right away and get you to the right place. Once we start our chiropractic care program with you — we expect that you will get the results you’re after.

FREE! Peripheral Neuropathy Workshop

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What You Can Expect From This Workshop:
  • What Neuropathy Is

    There is more than one type of neuropathy, and each one takes a little different treatment.

  • Do I Need Drugs and Surgery?

    Most people have no idea that there are natural treatments for neuropathy, and in a lot of cases they are extremely affective!

  • How Chiropractic Can Help

    Chiropractors are just “bone doctors” we are nerve doctors. That means we are expertly positioned to help you.


“I’m really impressed how Dr. Tabor Smith really cares about making you feel better. You get to have copies of your x-rays with detailed information on what is going to be done to stop the pain you are dealing with. There is even classes to help with your overall wellbeing. Anyone who is willing to go above and beyond in their field is an exception I’m proud to go to and recommend.”

“My husband and I started going to Dr. Tabor on the recommendation of our daughter. I initially went to see him because my back was hurting. I’ve been going to him now for almost 2 years and have to say that I feel so much better overall. Dr. Tabor really takes the time to listen to his patients and understand what is hurting on them. I feel that he really cares about my overall health and well being. I like the family friendly atmosphere of his office.”

Why Wait Another Day To Feel Better?

Call us today and start with an initial consultation. During the consultation, the doctors will be able to learn more about you and how you got to this point. They will determine if your condition can likely be helped with chiropractic care. We’ll let you know each step along the way and make sure everything is explained to your satisfaction — no surprises. It’s important to us that you understand your own health process. It helps you participate in your own success and we love our patients to get better!

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